? Email Setup Directions

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Configuring Email in Outlook

The following series of screen shots show you how to setup an email account in Outlook. This account is for account@yourdomain.com.

Choose 'Tools' and 'Email Accounts...'

Now choose 'Add' and select POP3...'

Account Information:

  • Type in your name (e.g. John Doe)
  • Type in the email address you're setting up.
  • Type in the email server (mail.yourdomain.com) and your ISPs SMTP (outgoing) mail server.
  • Type in the account name. Note: you must type the complete email address (e.g. johndoe@yourdomain.com). The password is just your password.
  • Hit 'Next'.

Click on Finish. You've done it. Your account is set up.


Other Email clients

These directions are for Microsoft Outlook.  It presents the required information for a POP3 email account that may be used as a guide for other email clients.

Web-based email access is available at http://mail.yourdomain.com.