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Loss of Lisa McCrary Watts

Lisa McCrary Watts passed away August 18, 2023.  Obit

Loss of Angie Pecar Doll

Angie Pecar Doll passed away June 25, 2023.  

Loss of Kathleen Galligan Helderman

Kathleen Galligan Helderman passed away March 23, 2023. 

Loss of John Lackey

John Lackey passed away July 25, 2022.  Obit

Loss of Rick McNew

Rick McNew passed away May 2020.  

Loss of Keiston Holloway

Keiston Holloway passed away January 18, 2022. 

Loss of Scott Ross

Scott Ross passed away September 18, 2021. 

Loss of Joe Sanneman

Joe Sanneman passed away July 9, 2021.  

Loss of Teresa May

Teresa May of New Johnsonville, TN, passed away July 9, 2021.  She is survived by three daughters. Obit

HOMECOMING 2021 - 40th Reunion

Save the Date! Our 40 year reunion will be the weekend of September 17, 2021.

Plans are:

  • Friday afternoon parade: Come ride in the parade with the class.  Meet on Culbertson Blvd at 3:00PM.
  • Friday night:
    • Space at the Pavilion to socialize with classmate from many other classes.
    • Lincoln football game vs Castle at 7:30PM.
  • Saturday evening: Reunion at Adam's Coliseum.
    • We will be joined by the Class of 80 who will be eager to make up from missing their 40th last year due to Covid.
  • Cash bar.
  • Catered BBQ.
  • Music provide by deejay.
  • Check back for more information and final details.

Please RSVP on Facebook at 40th Reunion

40th Reunion Card 40th Reunion Card
Get your class T-shirt for the parade on Friday! Forest green, light-weight material, with "LHS No 1 in 81."  Cost $15. Sherry Johnson Smith will be ordering these. Please text her at 812-890-3482 with your name and shirt size (S-3X). She will need your order before September 1 to get them in time.  Please Venmo her or bring a check to the parade. 40th Reunion Card


Loss of Brian Davis

Brian Davis of Vincennes passed away April 24, 2021.  He is survived by two sons and two daughters. Obit

Loss of Chad Cardinal

Chad Cardinal of South Charleston, WV, passed away August 26, 2020.  He is survived by his son. Obit

Loss of Ellen Roman

Ellen Roman Abel of Vincennes passed away August 21, 2020.  She is survived by her husband and son. Obit

Loss of Lanette Onken

Lanette Onken of Oaktown passed away July 25, 2020.  She was survived by her six children. Obit

Loss of Finis Stanley

Finis Stanley passed away October 7, 2019.  Obit not available.

Loss of Nancy Pruitt

Nancy Pruitt Downing passed away January 27, 2020.  Obit

Loss of Becky Pohl

Becky Pohl Arnold passed away July 9, 2018.  Obit

Loss of Brett Cost

Brett Cost passed away May 19, 2017.  Obit

Loss of John Shade

John Shade passed away October 12, 2016. 

HOMECOMING 2016 - 35th Reunion

 35th Reunion - Group Photo

35th Reunion 

Friday -

  • Lunch at Procopio's - The weekend events started with beer, pizza and pasta by many of us prior to the parade. Procopio's is conveniently located on 2nd street close to the beginning of the parade route.  Those on the long lunch plan just staggered across the street to the parade start.
  • Homecoming Parade - Scott and Sherry Organ again provided the decorated truck and trailer for the class to ride on.
    35th Reunion Parade 
  • Immediately following the parade, the socializing continued at the Riverfront Pavilion
  • Homecoming Football Game - Inman Field
    • Once again, our reunion year has brought bad luck to the Lincoln Alices football. Lincoln lost the game to North Knox.
  • Class of 1981 - Riverfront Pavilion
    • Everyone had a great time visiting classmates and those from other classes.
    • Notable classmates returning for the first time;
      • Cindy Kopp Schleichler,
      • Chris Van Meter who left town after our Freshman year,
      • JC Campbell who spend the last 20 years in the military.

Saturday -

  • 35th Reunion Highland Woods Park
    • Special thanks to Brian Bouillet and his wife Kimberly for organizing all activities for the weekend. It wouldn't have happened without them.
    • Thanks to Pat Dixon for bringing the huge jukebox.
    • Once again, all beer and wine and other things were stored in the communal cooler canoe.
    • Notable classmates returning for the first time;
      • DeLana Brower Hatfield.

Photos from past reunions can be seen here.


Loss of David Glass

David Glass passed away January 9, 2016.  Obit

Loss of Brian Abel

Brian Abel passed away December 12, 2015.  Obit

Loss of Fred Wells

Fred Wells passed away November 19, 2015.  Fred had two daughters and three sons. Obit

Loss of Lillian "Charlie" Wood

Lillian "Charlie" Wood passed away on July 2, 2015. 

Loss of Debbie Seitzinger

Debbie Seitzinger passed away in Vincennes December 31, 2014. She had three sons. 

Loss of Leslie Lane

Leslie Lane lost her 7-year battle with systemic lupus September 13, 2014. Leslie had two children.

Loss of Dan Toth

Dan Toth died June 26, 2014, in a structure fire. 

My City Was Gone....

I went back to Vincennes
but my City was gone
there was no Executive Inn
there was no downtown
Lincoln High School was razed
all my favorite places
my city had been pulled down
reduced to parking spaces

Well, I went back to Vincennes
but Gimbels had disappeared
I stood at Main Street
to an unknown landscape
I was stunned and amazed
my childhood memories
slowly swirled past
like the wind through the trees

I went back to Vincennes
but Columbia Drugs was gone
I stood at the cross roads
of an unknown town
our time of Vincennes
had been gutted from within
empty lots and houses filled the blocks
from Lyndale through Shelby
A, O, way to go....
LHS in ruins

Loss of Shannon Catiller

Shannon Catiller died July 20, 2012, at Good Samaritan Hospital in Vincennes.  He had served in the Navy and worked as an independent contractor in Vincennes.  Shannon had three children and two grandchildren.

HOMECOMING 2011 - 30th Reunion

30th Reunion   
30th Reunion - Group Photo  30th Reunion - Blues Brothers' performance. 

If you were fortunate enough to have attended this year's 30th reunion, please provide us with any stories, photos, video, etc.  How? See below.  Due to some very unfortunate events, no one from the staff made it to Vincennes for the event.  Our vehicle was run off the road and incapacitated at the state line by a non-descript black sedan.

Early reports of the reunion suggest it was a great success and are as follows*:
Friday -

  • Lunch at Guppies - Despite the last minute decision to get the weekend started with lunch and drink, the class of 1981 had a great turnout.
  • Homecoming Parade - Scott and Sherry Organ provided the decorated truck and trailer for the class to ride on.  The parade officials held us in line until we where the final float of the parade before the Homecoming court.  There seems to be some differing opinions on whether this is a place of honor or whether they were hoping the spectators might get bored and leave before they had to see us drive by.
  • Not long after our 25th reunion in 2006, the Friday evening gathering is held at the Riverfront Pavilion.  Though the Executive Inn still stands, the State of Indiana apparently thinks it best if no one enters.  (Refer to information of our 25th for more details.).  This does have its advantages as the drinking that began at Guppies, continued throughout the parade, went unbroken straight into the Pavilion.
  • Distinguished Alumni Awards - Riverfront Pavilion.  It seems the community isn't as impressed with the Lincoln Alumni of the last 35 or 40 years as we might have hoped.  So, they had to revert to graduates from the 1940s and 50s.  We would like to list those honored, but no one from our class can yet provide their names (see above reference to continuous drinking).
  • Homecoming Football Game - Inman Field
    • No complete rainout this year.  Since Dave Hill is no longer the Lincoln Athletic Director and therefore had no conflict, he didn't have do a rain dance again.
    • Unfortunately, from what we heard of the final score, Lincoln fans wished it had been another rainout.  Lincoln lost 42-17.
  • Class of 1981 - Riverfront Pavilion.  Had this been at the Executive Inn it would be referred to as our Hospitality Room.  Not knowing what else to call it, we'll just have to refer to it as our "200 square feet of concrete".
    • Everyone had a great time visiting classmates and those from other classes strolling through.  After being at the Pavilion for many hours, most were secretly wishing they could take a seat or had worn more comfortable shoes - see above mentioned concrete.

Saturday -

  • "Old" Lincoln High School open house tour.
    • Oops!  No, sorry.  After what happened five years ago when Scott Blackburn let us all run wild through the old school setting off the security alarms, we apparently are no longer allowed in the buildings.
  • Lunch at Guppies -
    • It worked so well on Friday before the parade, many thought it worth of a repeat.  We're not sure whether it was the repeat of the food selection or the idea of continuous drinking that begins there.
  • 30th Reunion Highland Woods Park
    • Group Photos 7:00 PM - Our skills of arriving on time has worsened since the 25th when many classmates arrived just after the group photo.  This year, classmates continued to arrive well after dinner, or perhaps it was after their evening nap.
    • Once again, all beer and wine and other things were stored in the communal cooler canoe.
    • Thanks again to Rick Snider for grilling the main course.  Rick provided grilled turkey tenders this year.
    • A documentary film was provided by Half Vast Films"The Blues Brothers: Thirty Year Blues".  The complete film is now available at this link and presented below.
    • The film was immediately followed by the return of The Blues Brothers live performance.  Jake and Elwood's performance, that lasted approximately 18 minutes, was the highlight of the night.  We'll post a video of the live performance as soon as someone provides us with one.  Half Vast Films is reportedly working on a film of this live performance.  These will be posted here as soon any become available.
    • A bonfire remained the focal point for the remainer of the evening.  Based on the reported cool temperatures, it was probably needed.  Thanks to Brian Risley for providing the firewood.  It kept the most diehard party goers warm until their departure at ~2:30AM.
    • The reported return of Ernie S. was somewhat of a let down.  Apparently, he has had a falling out with the Blues Brothers and is now tracking them for the return of his belongings.  Ernie's post on his FaceBook page 2 days after missing the reunion:
      • "Arrived Highland Woods, Vincennes, Indiana, 4:37 a.m. Sunday, October 2. Evidence of bonfire, food, beverages, and celebration. Coals still warm. (Second degree burns on tongue from checking.) No sign of Jake, Elwood, my car, microphones, instruments. Trail grows cold."

[* Topic and format of this summary mirrors same from our 25th reunion, mostly due to having so little to say otherwise]

30th REUNION UPDATE:  Special appearance by The Blues Brothers.  Don't miss the return of Jake and Elwood at this year's reunion.  Half Vast Films will reportedly be filming the reunion of The Blues Brothers for their upcoming film "The Blues Brothers: Thirty Year Blues."  Half Vast Films have been "entertaining dozens of people for more than a fiftieth of a century!"  Visit Half Vast Films at their site or on FaceBook.

No1in81 Forum is still open!  All old topics are reopened and new topics have been created for the 30th reunion.  We don't need Zuckerberg's little project to stay in touch. 

Pep rally 1981. Messin' with the Kids

Alumnus of our class may update their records, search for classmates, and view images. If you have never been to this site, please register here to request a username and password.

If you are not a class member, please sign our guestbook or view a list of those guests that have.

If you have a suggestion or comment, please contact us.

HOMECOMING 2006 - 25th Reunion

Photos from the 25th reunion have been posted here.

Please use the Forum to say what you want.  Don't just be a voyeur -participate!

A very brief summary of the weekend is below.

 Friday and Saturday, September 22-23, 2006.

Events of the weekend:
Friday -

  • Homecoming Parade - The rain stopped just in time for the parade. Bob Richardville brought just enough truck and wagon space for us all to fit.
  • Distinguished Alumni Awards - Lincoln High School
      This year's recipients:
    • Our own Michelle Bombe
    • Rick Stevens, brother of our Dave Stevens
    • Jerry Johnson, brother of our Sherry Johnson Smith
  • Homecoming Football Game - Inman Field
    • The rain and lightning returned to postpone the game until Saturday
    • Rain throughout the day Saturday cancelled the game completely. [In truth, Dave Hill just didn't want to miss the Reunion]
  • Class of 1981 Hospitality Room - Executive Inn: Room 404
    • Contrary to many predictions that the Executive would collapse under the weight of another Reunion, it remained standing. There were no reported deaths by falling balconies or debris.  Deaths related to mold inhalation are yet to be determined.

Saturday -

  • "Old" Lincoln High School open house tour for Class of 1981, 1PM- 2PM.
    • Scott Blackburn lead the tour of a good number of classmates throughout the old building.
    • Touring the old building through the tunnel into the old Clark and the Coliseum set off a good number of silent security alarms causing a maintenance man to rush to the scene to reset the alarms before the SWAT team arrived.
  • 25th Reunion Highland Woods Park
    • Group Photos 6:45 PM - 25 years after graduation, we have learned at a good many of us can't tell time considering people continued to arrive long after this photo was taken.
    • BYOB/W?, There was ample amounts of beer and wine in the cooler canoe.  Scott Organ was awarded for having the best tasting "water" of the night.
    • Thanks to Rick Snider for some tremendous tasting BBQ.
    • Sorry Rick if you were offended considering Jim Rinehart seemed to prefer eating the crickets and the moth to your BBQ.
    • Thanks to John Lackey for providing the backup sound system (after the rental CD player died on us) despite most of us having no idea what music he was playing.
  • As a side note, we have received a special thanks from the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company for our classmates' enthusiastic support of their smoking products.

If you are in contact with other LHS class of 1981 alumni, please inform them of this website.  But most importantly please provide us with your current ‘contact information’ by registering your profile on our secure database so that we can keep you updated about future class activities and news. 

The 1995/96 basketball season marked the Silver Anniversary of the 1981 State Championship

The official celebration of the 25th Anniversary was January 27th, 2006, during a Lincoln home game against Evansville Harrison.  Harrison is coached by Will Wyman, son of Coach Wyman. 

The championship team was also honored at a March 2006 Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Banquet in Indianapolis.  Courtney Witte and Doug Crook where selected to the Silver Anniversary Team.

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