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HOMECOMING 2021 - 40th Reunion

Save the Date! Our 40 year reunion will be the weekend of September 17, 2021.

Tentative plans are:

  • Friday afternoon parade: Come ride in the parade with the class.
  • Friday night: Space at the Pavilion to socialize with classmate from many other classes.
  • Saturday evening: Reunion at Adam's Coliseum.
  • BYOB and a bag of ice for the communal cooler canoe.
  • Catered BBQ.
  • Live music from the Smith Brothers (Jasper and Lincoln).
  • Check back for more information and details as the date approaches.

Ernie S. is unleashed for the 30th reunion!   Click here to visit him on FaceBook.  Ernie has been off the grid since he was featured as our 2006 Classmate of the Year.

30th REUNION UPDATE:  Special appearance by The Blues Brothers.  Don't miss the return of Jake and Elwood at this year's reunion.  Half Vast Films will reportedly be filming the reunion of The Blues Brothers for their upcoming film "The Blues Brothers: Thirty Year Blues."  Half Vast Films have been "entertaining dozens of people for more than a fiftieth of a century!"  Visit Half Vast Films at their site or on FaceBook.

No1in81 Forum is still open!  All old topics are reopened and new topics have been created for the 30th reunion.  We don't need Zuckerberg's little project to stay in touch. 

HOMECOMING 2011 - 30th Reunion

We are returning to Highland Woods for our 30th reunion for a casual cookout, BYOB, etc.

Please sign in and click here to RSVP.

 Friday and Saturday, September 30 and October 1, 2011.

Friday September 30th:  Parade, football game, pavilion

  • UPDATE - Meet at Guppies at 4th and Main at 1:00 prior to the parade for lunch and to get the party started.
  • Friday afternoon - All classmates meet somewhere along parade line up to ride on Class of '81 float.
  • Friday evening - Football game at Inman Field
  • Friday evening - After game, class of '81 will have a spot to meet at the Riverfront Pavilion  BYOB to the Pavilion.

Saturday October 1st:  Class of '81, 30 year reunion at Highland Woods.

  • Doors open at 6PM;
  • class photograph at 7PM;
  • dinner after photograph;
  • UPDATE Menu has changed to grilled turkey tenders, new potatoes w/butter/herbs, corn and cole slaw. Cookies, lemonade, tea;
  • BYOB - canoe will be provided as community ice chest;
  • Sound system for music with mic;
  • UPDATE:  Special appearance by The Blues Brothers.

Here are photos from our 25th Reunion for a review.


Pep rally 1981. Messin' with the Kids

Alumnus of our class may update their records, search for classmates, and view images. If you have never been to this site, please register here to request a username and password.

If you are not a class member, please sign our guestbook or view a list of those guests that have.

If you have a suggestion or comment, please contact us.

HOMECOMING 2006 - 25th Reunion

A very brief summary of the weekend is below.

 Friday and Saturday, September 22-23, 2006.

Events of the weekend:
Friday -

  • Homecoming Parade - The rain stopped just in time for the parade.  Bob Richardville brought just enough truck and wagon space for us all to fit.
  • Distinguished Alumni Awards - Lincoln High School
    • 2006's recipients:
    • Our own Michelle Bombe
    • Rick Stevens, brother of our Dave Stevens
    • Jerry Johnson, brother of our Sherry Johnson Smith
  • Homecoming Football Game - Inman Field
    • The rain and lightning returned to postpone the game until Saturday
    • Rain throughout the day Saturday cancelled the game completely. [In truth, Dave Hill just didn't want to miss the Reunion]
  • Class of 1981 Hospitality Room - Executive Inn: Room 404
    • Contrary to many predictions that the Executive would collapse under the weight of another Reunion, it remained standing. There were no reported deaths by falling balconies or debris.  Deaths related to mold inhalation are yet to be determined.

Saturday -

  • "Old" Lincoln High School open house tour for Class of 1981, 1PM- 2PM.
    • Scott Blackburn lead the tour of a good number of classmates throughout the old building.
    • Touring the old building through the tunnel into the old Clark and the Coliseum set off a good number of silent security alarms causing a maintenance man to rush to the scene to reset the alarms before the SWAT team arrived.
  • 25th Reunion Highland Woods Park
    • Group Photos 6:45 PM - 25 years after graduation, we have learned at a good many of us can't tell time considering people continued to arrive long after this photo was taken.
    • BYOB/W?, There was ample amounts of beer and wine in the cooler canoe.  Scott Organ was awarded for having the best tasting "water" of the night.
    • Thanks to Richard Snider for some tremendous tasting BBQ.
    • Sorry Rick if you were offended considering Jim Rinehart seemed to prefer eating the crickets and the moth to your BBQ.
    • Thanks to John Lackey for providing the backup sound system (after the rental CD player died on us) despite most of us having no idea what music he was playing.
  • As a side note, we have received a special thanks from the RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company for our classmates enthusiastic support of the their smoking products.

The 2005-2006 basketball season marked the Silver Anniversary of the 1981 State Championship

The official celebration of the 25th Anniversary was January 27th, 2006, during a Lincoln home game against Evansville Harrison.  Harrison is coached by Will Wyman, son of Coach Wyman.

The championship team was also honored at a March 2006 Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame Banquet in Indianapolis.  Courtney Witte and Doug Crook where selected to the Silver Anniversary Team.

Dave Hill, John Lackey, Doug Crook, Randy Combs, Tom HaflichJohn Lackey suffered a life-threatening head injury in an accident the weekend of 5/14/2005.  A very successful fund raiser was held for John on August 22, 2005, at Geist Reservoir in Fishers, Indiana.

Thanks to the support of John's family and many friends, his recovery has been astounding. He is home now and continuing his progress.

Loss of Bernie Ivers

Bernie Ivers died April 4, 2005, at St. Mary's Hospital in Evansville.  He had worked as a shift leader at FIA in Vincennes.  Bernie had four children and a granddaughter.

Loss of Robert (Bob) Dotson

Sherry Johnson Smith has informed us of the passing of Bob Dotson on July 28, 2004, in Seminole, FL, of colon cancer.  Bob had graduated from VU and Ball State and had been completing a master's degree in environmental management at Alaska-Pacific University in Anchorage.


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