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In Memoriam
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning;
We will remember them.
Lisa (McCrary) Watts
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2023
Angie (Pecar) Doll
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2023
Kathy (Galligan) Helderman
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2023
Robbin Keyes
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2023
Mike Hartley
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2023
John Lackey
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2022
Rick McNew
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2022
Keiston Holloway
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2022
Scott Ross
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2021
Joseph Sanneman
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2021
Teresa May
   DOB: 3/19/1963 - DOD: 2021
Brian Davis
   DOB: 8/12/1963 - DOD: 2021
Chad Cardinal
   DOB: 8/14/1963 - DOD: 2020
Ellen Roman
   DOB: 7/27/1962 - DOD: 2020
Lanette Onken
   DOB: 2/28/1963 - DOD: 2020
Nancy (Pruitt) Downing
   DOB: 10/29/1962 - DOD: 2020
Finis Stanley
   DOB: 4/7/1963 - DOD: 2019
Robin Robbins
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2019
Becky (Pohl) Arnold
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2018
Brett Cost
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2017
John Shade
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2016
David Glass
   DOB: 1/9/1963 - DOD: 2016
Brian Abel
   DOB: 9/5/1962 - DOD: 2015
Fred Wells
   DOB: 12/16/1962 - DOD: 2015
Lillian (Wood) Robbins
   DOB: 1/22/1963 - DOD: 2015
Debbie Seitzinger
   DOB: 2/5/1963 - DOD: 2014
Leslie Lane
   DOB: 10/11/1962 - DOD: 2014
Dan Toth
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2014
Shannon Catiller
   DOB: 10/9/1962 - DOD: 2012
Dorlinda Lackey
   DOB: 9/7/1963 - DOD: 2011
Don Reynolds
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2010
Kenneth Doane
   DOB: 5/4/1962 - DOD: 2008
Jay Kelso
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2008
Sandy (Cardinal) Ellingsworth
   DOB: 8/14/1963 - DOD: 2007
Bernie Ivers
   DOB: 8/24/1963 - DOD: 2005
Freda Staley
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2005
Bob Dotson
   DOB: 2/11/1963 - DOD: 2004
Barbara (Gibson) Elmore
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2003
Mark Madison
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 2003
Jim Bono
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 1989
Dennis Overstreet
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 1988
Mark Benton
   DOB: Unknown - DOD: 1987
Tony Goss
   DOB: 8/6/1963 - DOD: 1981
In Loving Memory Of Our Dear Classmate
Mark Anthony "Tony" Goss
Born August 6, 1963
Entered into Rest March 8, 1981
Tony is gone away,
And we're all going to miss him.
He was known by everyone,
And we hate very much to lose him.
It's Really going to hurt us.
Not seeing his face.
And in our hearts,
Tony's death will leave one big empty space.
We know where he is and should not cry,
For he is with the Lord in the sky

--Mark Smith
These hearts were woven of human joys and cares,
    Washed marvelously with sorrow, swift to mirth.
The years had given them kindness. Dawn was theirs,
    And sunset, and the colors of earth.
These had seen movement, and heard music; known
    Slumber and waking; loved; gone proudly friended;
Felt the quick stir of wonder; sat alone;
    Touched flowers and furs and cheeks. All this is ended.

There are waters blown by changing winds to laughter
    And lit by the rich skies, all day. And after,
Frost, with a gesture, stays the waves that dance
    And wandering loveliness. He leaves a white
Unbroken glory, a gathered radiance,
    A width, a shining peace, under the night.
--Brooke, 1914
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